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Realistic Dolls in Our Global Warehouse - 3000+ TPE & Silicone Sex Dolls Ready to Ship

Sent out within 24 hours, delivered within 7 days! As the top seller in the sex doll industry, VSDoll is committed to providing local inventory sex dolls to as many users as possible! We store more than 3000+ most realistic sex dolls in warehouses in the US, Australia, Canada, Europe, and UK to meet the fast shopping demands of local doll lovers. No need to worry about long distances for delivery, buy now and enjoy soon!

Realistic Sex Doll Feature Collections

#1 Sex Doll Store in the Sex Doll Industry - VSDoll

In 2015, we found that these lifelike sex dolls sold online were really so expensive, but the features of the doll were very simple. Sometime, the love doll customers received were nothing like the pictures they saw on the websites. Then when he expressed dissatisfaction with the doll he received and asked the seller to return it for a refund, he was told that the product did not accept returns for hygienic reasons...

We did know how much time and money customers need to spend before purchasing a sex doll, and we also knew the harm that inferior dolls can cause to the human body. We knew clearly that you don't want to invest thousands of dollars in an ugly, low-quality sex doll. We were frustrated with the current status of sex doll industry, we wanted to change it.

After one year of planning and preparation, our company was established in 2016, at the same time VSDoll website officially started operations. We hope that our customers can regain their confidence in sex doll from VSDoll. Therefore, we have established VSDoll’s four major service standards for all our users:

❤️ Cost Less Guarantee - We have set up a branch in China and directly contact various brand sex doll factories to get better prices for the same design dolls. At the same time, unlike other retailers, our prices are just the price of sex dolls, there are no high cost express shipping costs added to the price of our dolls. Because we work hard to create and provide the most cost-effective shipping methods for our dolls. For custom dolls, you can choose economy shipping, which takes 4 weeks to the US and is free, and 3-6 weeks to the EU and UK ($100-150 only), which is slower than express shipping, but are really cost-effective, This is also the fundamental reason why our dolls cost less than other dolls.

❤️ Non-huge Profit Guarantee - Unlike other stores where most of their dolls sell between $1000 and $3000, at VSDoll.net most dolls start at a few hundred dollars. We want to build long-term relationships with our customers and we love seeing our customers always keep buying more and more dolls from us happily instead of buying one expensive doll and then sadly leaving the love industry. Inflation has been serious throughout all the industry since 2022. We have cut costs in many ways, controlled our prices, and insisted not to increase prices and keep the same prices. As a rapidly growing company, we need profits, but we do not pursue huge profits. We want to be able to serve our customers for a long time and earn a reasonable profit, rather than try our best to hollow out the wallets of our customers and make them leave sadly.

❤️ Photo Match Guarantee - We only sell top quality dolls made from top quality materials. Experienced artists in our partner factories create only the best faces and bodies for you. Therefore, once you place your custom doll order, we will send you a finished factory photo before shipping. If you are not satisfied with the photo, we will modify it until all satisfied, or you can just ask for a refund directly. We hope that every customer can shop worry-free on VSDoll.net without having to worry about difficulty on returns or refunds.

❤️ 7/24 Customer Service Guarantee - Serving customers is every company's purpose. This sounds simple here, right? But if thousands of customers come to inquire about the specific information, configuration selection, order modification, maintenance and cleaning of thousands of completely different dolls every day, we know that this is not a simple matter. We can fully imagine your frustration if we reduce the speed of responding to you for the sake of cost. We don't want this happen to you, so we have built the most complete 7*24-hour customer service team, with 5 sex doll industry customer service experts, 1 customer service manager, 1 R&D manager, 1 financial manager, 15 technical support personnel from cooperative brand factories, together to provide 7*24 hours of uninterrupted expert service to all our customers. We wanna do what we can do to solve the needs of users and meet their expectations!

These are the reason how we could stand out from the crowd of silicone/TPE sex doll shops by providing our customers with the most comfortable shopping experience. Our ultra-fast response speed, considerate logistics services, and strong after-sales guarantee make our customers repeatedly purchase. Because we are well aware of the time and money customers need to spend before purchasing a doll, and we know the damage that inferior dolls can cause to the human body. We're continually developing high-quality sex dolls, and continually striving to keep the prices, much lower than the typical retailers you'll find throughout the market.

We meticulously make up and care for every our sex doll for sale, we strictly keep quality to ensure that each sex doll is worthy of love and delivered to you perfectly. Here, real sex dolls are not just commodities, but also carry our expectations and mission. We hope to help people everywhere satisfy their sexual needs and fantasies as much as possible, and continue to grow with our customers to become the #1 company in the sex doll industry that is most loved by customers..

Real Sex Dolls - To Be More Realistic In Every Detail

Our  R&D department goal is to create the best real doll and make your dreams come true. As your sweat drips down the sex doll’s face, you’ll find her delicate face becomes even more realistic. Whether you are looking for a TPE or Silicone sex doll, life-size girl or petities, we are your #1 choice. In the love doll field, we offer the richest realistic functions and keep to develop more, as well as the largest selection of accessories. Our team will ensure to provide you with the best customer experience to keep you updated throughout the whole before and after-sale process.

How We Make Real Sex Dolls

We hope our real sex doll factory pictures can give you a deeper understanding of us, at the same time, we not only focus on quality but also on R&D, we are lifelike sex doll experts.

Photos Shared By Customers

We are really honored to see our customers love our lifelike sex dolls so much, and it is because of your love that we are even more determined to walk on the path of “bringing better products to the world”.

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