Life Size Sex Dolls

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Want a life size sex doll as close to a real woman as possible?

If mini dolls can not meet your needs, then life like sex dolls or lifesize adult doll will be the one for you.
These life size sex dolls, AKA lifesize adult dolls are always between 140cm to 170cm, with a real-woman-like height and look which different from lifesize sex toy. The skin of lifesize adult dolls is marvelously elastic and firm, and the face and body of a live size sex doll are perfect like beauty influencers in social media.
Life size and full-size sex dolls are the closest thing you can get to real girls, live size sex doll will offer an authentic sexual experience and all the fun that comes with life size fuck dolls.
Our full sized sex dolls can be upgraded and customized with different hair types, breast material, body temperatures, torso shapes even pubic hair to enhance your realism. When you wanna get a real thing, life sized sex dolls or life size fuck dolls are the best contender, which surely bigger than a lifesize sex toy.

What can I do with a full size sex doll?

Through three entrances – vagina, mouth, and anus, you can have intimate contact with your full size sex doll. And she can continue to keep you company in bed after releasing your desire. She is quiet and willing to listen to your sadness and happiness. These real size sexdolls are not always quiet, they can also make the moaning sounds that men like when necessary to make you get excited.

How to find the best life size sex doll?

When choosing a suitable life size sex doll or full size sex doll, it is extremely important to consider the height and weight of your lifesize adult doll. As these real size dolls are big enough so a bit hard to hold tight so you might need more strength to move your adult size sex doll around. Then you need to decide the body type of a life size sex doll, we have big breast sex dolls, big butt sex dolls, anime sex dolls, etc… Each kind of full size sex doll has a different body shape as well as a weight range. At last, personal customizations in terms of skin tone, breast type, skeleton type, and other functions must be considered to create a perfect life-size sex doll for you.

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