VSDOLL User Manual


Before Use

  1. Please use sterile wipes or 75% medical alcohol cotton to wipe the parts in contact with your body, such as the vagina, anus, and mouth.
  2. Sex lube should be applied to keep the inside of the hole sufficiently lubricious, or you are suggested to use lubricated condom. If any hole is not slippery enough, it will easily cause cracks on the doll skin.

After Use

  1. First rinse off the lubricant with clean water and wash the doll for 2 to 3 minutes. Please note that you need to wash the vagina and anus gently, and flushing the vagina directly with a tap is not suggested.
  2. If you choose to use the shower gel, please dilute it otherwise the doll might be damaged by the high concentration.
  3. After cleaning, you can choose to dry it naturally in the shade or use a non-fading dry towel.
  4. Finally, store in a dark place after using talcum powder.


*Do not allow water to enter the interface between the neck and body, otherwise it will easily cause rust and affect the doll features.

*If there is dirt that the shower gel can’t wash off, you can dissolve it by wiping with white oil or cleansing oil.

*Dolls with voice & heating systems are prohibited from water washing for the whole body otherwise the voice & heating system are  likely to be damaged. In this case, we recommend you wipe the doll with a wet towel.


  1. Head: The head of the doll can be raised, lowered,  turned left, and right. The movement cannot exceed 30°.
  2. Arm
Directly in front: The arm can be raised to the chest, about 60°.
Right behind: The arm can be slightly raised to 20°.
Both sides of the waist: The arms can be raised horizontally to be flush with the chest, about 60°, and the forearms can be bent and rotated 90°.
  1. Waist: The waist of the doll can be bent back and forth, and the doll’s posture can be upright and sitting.
  2. Legs: The thighs can be separated up to 170°, single-leg splits can be raised to 100°, and the knee joint can be bent 90°.


  1. The artificial skin material of the doll uses non-toxic and tasteless environmental-friendly TPE. Due to the silicone oil contained in the material formula, slight oil leakage on the surface of TPE products after being placed for a long time is a normal phenomenon, you can wipe it gently with a towel and it will go back to normal.
  2. The surface of the doll sometimes will adhere to dust and stains. In order to maintain the doll’s skin and keep the surface clean, please clean and maintain it at least once per month.
  3.  If there is dirt on the surface of the doll, do not wipe it forcefully. Please use a sponge or towel to gently wipe the doll skin with warm water. Do not use corrosive cleaning agents which include strong acids or bases. Also, stronge disinfectants and detergents will cause damage to the TPE material. After drying the doll skins, don’t forget to apply talcum powder to extend the skin life.


If you need to store your doll for a long time, there are certain requirements for the storage space. A proper storage environment can prevent the aging of the TPE skin & internal skeletons, and it will greatly extend the life of the doll. Please pay attention to the following points:

  1. Avoid direct sunlight: Long-term sunlight will cause slight fading of the doll skin.
  2.  Avoid excessive dust: The surface of the doll is sticky and static, which is dust-attractive.
  3.  Avoid humid environment: Because TPE material can absorb water, long-term immersion in water is harmful to the material. There is no problem in wiping the doll with water or taking a bath, but do not soak the doll in water for a long time.
  4. Avoid dyeing: Do not place the doll on artificial leather or dyed leather seats for a long time because the dyes will make the color adhere to the doll. It will be extremely difficult to remove once the color penetrates the inside skin. In this case, please try to wear it with light-colored clothing and use a transparent bag to pack it when you plan to place it for a long time.
  5. Avoid high or low temperature: The doll should not stay in an environment with too high or too low temperature for a long time and the most suitable environment is between 5℃ to 35℃ (41℉ to 95℉). Although the doll can be heated with an electric blanket, the temperature should not be too high to prevent the colloid from aging.
  6.  Avoid squeezing: Do not place heavy objects on the doll if it is squeezed for a long time when it is placed.
  7. Keep away from fire: The material of the doll is flammable, please keep it away from the fire.


Although the doll can move its limbs, it does have a certain range of movements. Therefore, when getting the doll dressed, please pay attention to the following points:

  1. You can use prickly heat powder to prevent sticking. Since the surface of the doll is sticky, it should be worn with prickly heat powder or talcum powder before dressing. If there is static electricity, you can use anti-static spray, but do not spray too much.
  2. Do not twist your arms too high or bend the doll’s body too much, which may cause cracks on the doll skin.
  3. Pay attention to sharp objects. Clothing and accessories with sharp edges may scratch the skin of the doll. If there are buttons or zippers and other accessories on your clothes, please be careful before getting your doll dressed.
  4. When you pierce ears, umbilical holes and earrings on the doll, you are supposed to pierce a small hole on the skin with a thin iron wire or a needle. The hole cannot exceed 0.5mm in diameter, nor can it be cut with a knife or sharp object. Besides, when wearing or changing accessories, please don’t pull it hard to prevent the doll from cracking.
  5. Prevent dyeing. Some clothes are made of dyed artificial leather or other oily dyeing materials. Long-term contact with the TPE material may cause the color of this leather or cloth to immerse inside the doll and it will be extremely hard to remove. 


  1. Since TPE products are very soft, they are prone to cracks, wrinkles and even breakage if improperly used. Therefore, do not use sharp objects to touch the surface of the doll, and also do not cut the doll. Once the material has a cut on the surface, it will gradually tear along the direction until it is completely damaged.
  2. Once the doll skin is cracked, please stop using it immediately and start to repair it. Due to special characteristics,  TPE cannot be used together with general adhesive so please use glue for TPE. If the damage is not serious, you can try to repair it by yourself. At the same time, you can ask our customer service for a repair glue and specific repair tutorials. 


  1. The doll is made of imported polymer TPE. Due to  the characteristics of the product itself, it may be damaged and cracked by improper use or careless handling. When you move the doll, please protect the torso and do not drag the limbs and head.
  2. This product can be bent, the posture cannot be changed deliberately and frequently. We recommend changing the shape of the action occasionally to avoid damages to the doll.
  3. Since the doll is made of TPE, there may be slight impurities and markings on the skin surface, but it does not affect the appearance and usability. At the same time, the baby’s shoulders, head, hands, and soles of the feet will be slightly blocked due to the fixed internal bones, which is an inevitable normal phenomenon for all dolls.
  4. The doll is suggested to be used personally, and we recommend you to clean and disinfect it carefully before and after use.
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