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Custom Sex Dolls: Create Your Dream Partner

Custom sex dolls are exactly what they sound like: sex dolls that can be tailored to your specific tastes. Since these personalized sex dolls are made to order, you may choose everything from the head to toe, including skin color, skeleton type, etc. Custom sex dolls have a number of advantages. You may create a doll that is truly unique and tailored to your hobbies, and bespoke love dolls typically come with more options and features than ordinary dolls.

  • Body Type: We have more than 34 body types from mini dolls to life-size sex dolls, from female love dolls to male and even shemale sex dolls. Check our size chart for detailed real photos and measurements.
  • Skin Color: We offer 5 skin colors including natural, white, light tan, tan and black.
  • Standing Feet: Standing feet allow you to place the doll vertically without hurting the personalized sex doll’s feet, making various poses for your enjoyment or photography.
  • Eye Color: We have five different eye colors to choose from: blue, green, brown, black and the original eye color, which can help to create a specific look or mood for your doll.
  • Areola Size&Color: Nipple length and areola size are also adjustable, From the default version to the big areola version, and then to the long nipple version. You can also choose areola color from pink, skin color, light brown to dark brown.
  • Skeleton Type: You can select from a variety of skeletons, ranging from the standard to a yoga skeleton, to ensure that your personalized sex doll can be positioned as you desire.
  • Breast Type: Breast type can also be changed, with possibilities ranging from standard to hollow to jelly. Make the boobs feel more in line with your imagination of real boobs.
  • Pubic Hair: Our customization feature can also customize pubic hair, from hairless to implanted hair to more implanted hair.
  • Vagina Type: You can even choose between a conventional one and a removable vagina. Let her pussy be taken out and cleaned.
  • Intelligent Body Heating: If you want to make the personalized sex doll you buy not so cold, then please add our body heating system! Also, we have an optional heating blanket to wrap over the sex doll.
  • Intelligent Voice: Want your sex doll to learn to talk? Then use our moaning system to get her to talk! We could install 5 sensors on the doll’s breasts, vagina, and two sides of the vagina, which can detect the skin touch in real time, and groan from the sound generator according to the pressing force.
  • Extra TPE & Silicone Head for Female Doll: If you want an extra TPE or silicone head, we can also satisfy you, just need to communicate with our customer service about the shape you need before placing an order.
  • Extra Clothing: In addition to the sex doll clothing in the picture, you can also choose your favorite sex doll clothing at the bottom of our product page.
  • Electric Function Upgrade: We also provide an electric function upgrade, in which sex dolls above 125cm can add auto vagina squeezing function, those above 150cm can add hip wiggle, and those above 140cm can add electric blowjob function. 
  • Other Optional Accessories: In addition to the above, we also provide some small parts, such as a shemale penis, a removable tongue, extra heating rod, piercing set, wig stand, head stand, lube applicator, reusable drying stick and a waterproof mattress protector. These are specifically designed to enhance your experience.

The primary distinction between custom and stock sex dolls is that custom sexdoll are manufactured to order, whereas stock dolls are pre-made and ready to ship. Luxury sex dolls may take longer to manufacture and ship, but they provide more possibilities and a higher level of customisation. In-stock sex dolls, on the other hand, are frequently less expensive and can be delivered immediately.

Finally, whether you choose a personalized or stock sex doll is determined by your choices and demands. A personalized doll is the way to go if you want something genuinely unique and suited to your precise desires. A stock doll, on the other hand, may be a better option if you’re searching for a more economical and readily available option.

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