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Life Size Sex Dolls

Life size sex dolls are always between 140cm and 170cm, with the real-woman-like height and feel. The skin is marvelously elastic and firm, the face and body are perfect like beauty influencers in social media. The three entrances – vagina, mouth, and anus, allow negative contact with her. And she can continue to keep you company in bed after releasing your desire. She is quiet and willing to listen to your sadness and happiness. They are not always quiet, they can also make the moaning sounds that men like when necessary, which is created by the moaning system.Wanna get it in a week? Our ready to ship life-size love doll can be rapidly delivered to your room from our local warehouse.
For more customs and details, welcome to pick your life-size doll in custom sex doll collection.
Wanna your love dolls in smaller sizes and easy to carry? You could pick it up from our mini sex dolls.
You can find the extremely curvy sex dolls with big booty and big tits and ass in BBW sex doll collection.
Dolls with realistic, flat breasts, small waist, and tiny ass can be found in a flat chested sex doll.
Do you have any favorite anime characters and wanna live with them? Don’t miss anime sex doll to discover it!

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