Male Sex Dolls

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Looking for a male sex doll or love dolls male for a female or a guy? VSDoll offers a wide selection of realistic male love dolls or realdoll man for you to choose, from cute mini male sex dolls, life size TPE male love dolls to silicone male real doll, even shemale sex dolls, to cover all the needs of women and men customers and to create more ideal sex partners for them.

We created these male sex dolls and mini male sex dolls with a huge and realistic cock to excite your eyes and fulfill your desires when you check and use those realdoll man. At the same time, the anus of these male love dolls are ribbed to increase sexual stimulation and pleasure, which will add the realistic experience.
These male sex dolls have handsome faces, strong muscles, and fine artistry. These male lovedoll have always been chased by thousands of girls (also gays) and taken home to warm the cold quilt.

Male Sex Doll Size Option

Keep an eye on the height and weight of the male love doll you are interested in, as love dolls male is very common for male doll newcomers to be surprised by how heavy their male lovedoll are. If you are worried about not being able to hold or use a life size male sex doll that is overweight, please choose a mini male doll first, and then consider buying a larger life size male sex doll after you are familiar with it. Note that some man sex dolls have only one height available, and some men sex dolls will let you choose from two or three options.

Male Sex Doll Customizable Options

There are lots of options to custom a male love doll than you imagine. Depending on the male love doll model that you choose, you will have these options of customizing these features: Head material, skeleton type, eye color, skin tone, penis type, feet type, body implanted hair type, body heating function, foldable function etc.

Male Love Doll Care and Maintenance

Even though it’s definitely a lot easier to care for a doll than to care for a relationship, you still need to take care of our realistic male sexdoll just like any other piece of merchandise that you use regularly. You might have to spend extra time-and probably money-on maintaining the quality and cleanliness of your man sex doll. But it’s worth it, since a realistic male sexdoll that’s well cared for can last years. Plus, it’s always going to be more affordable than buying another one! There are some accessories that can help you care for your male sex doll and prolong its life like TPE glue and stain remover, since they will accumulate a fair amount of wear and tear. There are also storage and hanging options to help store your male love doll longer.

In Stock Male Love Dolls

We have heard your request, now we have US stock male sex dolls and EU stock male love dolls in our US & EU warehouse. So that local customer could experience the adventure with your male love doll sooner, you can expect them to arrive within 3-7 days with free shipping after you place your order. In addition, if you are also very interested in mini male sex dolls, please don’t be shy to communicate with our customer service about your needs, and place an order now!

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