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Looking for something new—something you can’t find in other collections? This range is for you! This New Sex Doll collection offers the latest and freshest love dolls that have just come out. We update this page regularly to let you see our latest offers to our loyal customers: you!

What You Can Find in New Sex Doll Collection

New sex dolls are being created non-stop, making it hard to keep up with all the latest models on the market. But hey, we’re not complaining because we get to see the freshest fuck dolls, which is just awesome!

Competition is healthy and inspiring, and we love to offer you something new. That’s why we’ve created this new sex doll collection, where you can find the latest in the adult doll industry. So feast your eyes with our newest sex dolls:

1.Asian Sex Dolls

Drawn to the allure of Asian women? We’ve added a couple of sex dolls to this collection! We have Selene, who exudes the quality of a real Asian woman: enchanting, sophisticated, and alluring.

We also have Mavise, who looks sweet and modest on the outside but bold and daring on the inside; so daring that she’s up for any game and challenge you’ll give to her. 

2.Blonde Sex Dolls

If you’re into blondes, we have a new sex doll range tailored to your taste! Some exude youthfulness; others look mature and experienced. Whatever you choose lies in your preference.

Other New Sex Dolls We Have

Besides the ones mentioned above, we have the latest lifesize sex dolls, male sex dolls, animé sex dolls, and more. Feel free to check them out and get your new sex doll that matches your taste.

How to Get Our New Sex Dolls

There are two ways to get our freshest models. One is by purchasing them as is. Meaning, they are made as pictured and ready to ship. These in-stock dolls will be delivered promptly, allowing you to quickly give in to your desires.

The other is the custom-made dolls. These beauties can be personalized according to your taste. Change their skin tone, their eye color—even your body type! Tell us what you want to see in your doll; our talented artists will bring your vision to life.

Other Services Offered by VSDoll

Besides giving you the newest sex dolls and allowing you to change their looks, we offer services that will make your shopping experience seamless:

24/7 Customer Support

Our support staff is available at any time to assist you. They are here to walk you through your purchase process and answer your queries. Just leave them a message, and they will ping you to answer your questions.

Free and Discreet Shipping

Your privacy is as important as it is to you. That’s why we ensure all your orders will be packed and shipped safely and discreetly. We won’t leave any markings on the box that would tip off the courier on what’s inside it.

What are you waiting for? Experience new pleasure with our new sex doll collection! Browse this diverse range of dolls and find your perfect match!

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