5 Ways to Make Money Online Using Sex Doll

5 Different Ways To Make Money Online Using Your Sex Doll

Your sex doll isn’t just a sex companion, a devoted partner, or an art subject. Read this article and learn some tips on how to make money using your sex doll.

Sex dolls are getting increasingly trendy. Gone are the days when they were considered taboo. People buy them to be their partners and spice up their sex lives. But did you know you could make money using your sex doll? Sounds funny, doesn’t it? Believe it or not, some doll owners do it, and there are many ways to earn money with your cherished synthetic companion.

This article will tell you exactly how to make a living with your sex doll. We’ve created a list of things you could try to earn a chunk of cash with your beloved rubber partner. We won’t keep you waiting any longer; let’s get started!

1. Become an Affiliate

Let’s start with the easiest and probably the fastest method—becoming an affiliate. So what does it mean, and why is it the easiest way to earn money?

Affiliate marketing is a type of promotion wherein you write a review or an article about specific products. The good thing about being an affiliate marketer for a sex doll, or any product, for that matter, is that you don’t need to buy the product. With your raw talent for writing, an internet connection, and a laptop or any mobile device, you can make money using your sex doll.

Simply research the brand or the sex doll you’re going to promote, read some customer reviews regarding their experiences, or share your personal experience if you’re a doll owner, and write away! You’ll get a commission if your visitor clicks on the link you’ve provided and buys the doll you’re promoting. It’s that simple!

The fact that many sex doll shops are amenable to generating affiliate sales makes it an excellent choice. You can use their sale banners, pictures, videos, and reviews with their consent. Having all these tools and information at your disposal makes it easy to make money using your sex doll.

2. Become a Sex Doll Influencer

Everyone uses social media. They use it not just for communication or buying stuff online but to earn money, too! One way to make money online is to become a sex doll influencer.

Yes, you read it right, and they’re growing daily. Doll owners create social media accounts on behalf of their sex dolls. They capture images and videos of their beloved silicone companions and post them on social media. Once you have a respectable number of followers, you may anticipate brand representatives contacting you to market their goods.

3. Sell Those Sex Doll Photos

Another way to make money using your sex doll is to sell those photos. Now, you might ask, “Aren’t there a lot of sex doll stock photos on the Internet that people can use and share? Why would someone pay for something available online for free?”

Here’s the fun and exciting part. Yes, people can re-use the doll images they found online. They can search for them, download royalty-free images, and post them on their website. They can even screenshot the pictures to make sure there are no trademarks.

But if you sell your sex doll pictures, these buyers will get exclusive images of your doll. You can dress her up “uniquely,” making her stand out from ordinary photos. You can also capture pictures of your beloved companion in various stances and looks! In other words, you can do many different things with your precious doll.

Many websites exist where you may upload and sell images of your sex doll. ShutterStock and Getty Images are good examples, but you can find similar sites. It is a more straightforward method to make money using your sex doll.

4. Shoot Porn With Your Sex Doll

Who doesn’t know porn? It’s the most popular and probably the oldest form of adult entertainment. But why do we recommend it, you may wonder? First, many websites host adult films and videos. Second, it’s a great source of revenue. Just shoot a hot scene with your doll, and that’s it! 

A fancy production team is not required to shoot a video. A good camera is sufficient to capture a hot session with your doll. You can post it on all major porn sites once you’re satisfied with the outcome!

You might be wondering how you can earn money out of it. Through ads! If you set ads on your videos, you can make money using your sex doll. The best part? You can have fun with your precious synthetic partner and share it with the world!

5. Live Cam With Your Sex Doll

The last—but certainly not least—advice we’ll give is earning money through a live audience. Yes, we recommend that you have a live cam show. Now, this may sound just an alternative suggestion because live cams generally benefit girls because they can do solo exhibitions. Men, on the other hand, require a companion.

But here’s the thing: this setback can be an advantage because you can make money using your sex doll! You can use your TPE lover as your sex partner. It’s still like making porn films because you’ll have sex with your beauty in front of a camera. The only difference is you’ll do it live. And sometimes, you’ll get to chat with your viewers. They can ask you to do certain scenes and positions and share your photos there for a price.

There are many popular cam sites. Some of these are OnlyFans, Chaturbate, and LiveJasmin. You can choose to broadcast live on these websites.

The concept of live cams has recently gained popularity. After all, it’s a quick and easy way to make money. So, if you want to make money using your sex doll, you’d better create an account for one of these websites and perform live with your honey!


These are the methods you can try to make money using your sex doll. Just ensure that you are not breaking any laws that might put you behind bars. Following these money-making tips will pay back all the money you’ve spent on your doll while showing your love for your cherished companion.

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