How to put Makeup on Sex Dolls

Putting Makeup on Sex Dolls: How to Do It Correctly

Sex dolls are a hefty investment. Thus, it is wise to keep them in tip-top shape. However, bathing and dressing them up isn’t enough. Their looks need to be refreshed, too. That’s why you must learn to apply makeup on sex dolls if you’re a doll owner.

This blog will give tips for applying cosmetics to your beloved synthetic companion. But first, let’s discuss why applying makeup on your love doll is fun.

The Joy of Applying Makeup Products on Sex Dolls

There are several reasons why putting makeup on your cherished love doll is fun, and these are:

You Can Try Different Looks

One of the joys of makeup artistry on sex dolls is that you can use your creativity. Unlike applying makeup to humans, wherein you need to consider their preferences and facial features, doll customization lets you experiment with different looks. There are no limits when choosing a style, palette, or theme. You can express yourself using your beloved doll.

You can try many makeup styles on your cherished synthetic partner—from bold and extravagant looks to subtle and natural appearances. If you want to make her look like a celebrity, an anime or video game character, or a mythical creature, you can do so with the power of makeup. The sky is the limit when applying makeup on sex dolls.

You Can Personalize Their Looks

Like humans, sex dolls have different personalities. Some look sweet and innocent, while others look bold and confident. You can adapt her makeup look to her facial features. For instance, if your love doll looks pure and young, use lighter shades to highlight her youthfulness. If she seems bold and confident, heavier makeup styles suit her best.

It Helps You Build a Deep Connection and Personal Satisfaction

Besides artistry, changing your sex doll’s makeup look can help you build a deep connection with your adult doll. For some people, sex dolls are more than just pleasure tools. They are their best friend and lover; investing your time in makeup applications can enhance that bond.

In addition, it provides personal satisfaction. You’ll feel satisfied with your doll’s new look since you can create your ideal companion and bring her to life.

Tips for Applying Makeup on Love Dolls

The steps for makeup application on sex dolls are similar to those for applying makeup on humans but with a few considerations. Below are tips for putting cosmetics on your beloved companion:

Step 1: Prepare Your Sex Doll

Before applying makeup, ensure your doll is clean and dry. Clean her with mild soap and a soft cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals that can damage her delicate skin. Once she’s clean, allow her to air-dry.

Step 2: Prepare the Makeup Kit

Gather all the supplies, as you would, for a human makeup application. Choose water-based and oil-free cosmetics, as oil-based products can damage your doll’s skin.

Step 3: Begin With the Foundation

A foundation is the first step to applying makeup on sex dolls, as it creates a flawless base. Use a makeup sponge to blend it evenly and spread it all over the doll’s face and neck. Be gentle with your strokes to prevent damaging her skin.

Step 4: Enhance the Doll’s Features

Sex dolls have subtle facial features that makeup can enhance further. Use a water-based or powder-based blush or bronzer to sculpt and highlight your erotic model’s cheekbones and create a natural blush. Blend the products evenly for a flawless finish.

Step 5: Add Drama to Her Eyes

The eyes are the most expressive features of a sex doll. Add light or neutral-colored eye shadow throughout the lid to create an eye base. Apply a darker shade to the crease area. Apply a pencil or gel liner close to the lash line for a natural look. Apply mascara to the doll’s lashes to give them more drama, but avoid clumping or smudging the makeup.

Step 6: Apply a Lip Product to Create Luscious Lips

Use a water-based lip gloss or lipstick to enhance your doll’s appearance. You may choose neutral or bold colors, depending on her makeup style. Use a lip brush for precision when applying lip makeup.

Step 7: Finishing Touches

Check your doll’s makeup and look for imperfections and unevenness. Gently brush and adjust the makeup to achieve a polished look. You may also use a setting spray to make your doll’s makeup look last longer.

Step 8: Remove the Makeup

If you want to change your sex doll’s look, you can use a makeup remover. Use a soft cloth and mild soap when removing makeup. If it’s not enough, use an oil-free and water-based makeup remover. Dampen a cotton pad and scrub it gently until all makeup residues are gone.

Final Words


Applying makeup on sex dolls is an art that requires attention to detail and a delicate touch. You can transform your synthetic companion into a desired look with the right tools, products, and creative juices.

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