2022 VSDoll Top 7 Most-Wanted Sex Dolls

Are you considering adding a love doll to your adult toy collection but don’t know where to start? Are you running out of ideas after browsing a ton of products and don’t know which hot girl to take home? Stop wandering around! Our experienced customer service specialist Leo has put together an ultimate guide to the most-wanted sex dolls at VSDoll and let’s get started!

As a single myself, I definitely know how horrible it feels to be alone without a sexual partner. With Love Doll, you can create the sex life you’ve always fantasized about without all the negative parts of a real relationship like arguments and cold wars. To some extent, choosing a love doll isn’t just a sex toy, it’s an investment in your happiness.

Today, you can find realistic sex dolls to suit everyone’s unique taste: big boobs, flat chested, blonde, Asian, African, BBW or mature sex dolls and many more. Or why not beauties from your favorite pornstar replicas?

In this guide, I’ll help sex doll lovers navigate these confusing waters, and I’ll recommend the 7 most asked and best feedback sex dolls from VSDoll customers! Let’s dive into the water!

Mertie – Black Hair SSBBW Sex Doll

Mertie is from the US, she has one of the biggest ass dolls in VSDoll, and she is obsessed with wearing all kinds of trendy low-cuts and tights.  Many clients will ask me if there is a super BBW sex doll, and I will recommend Mertie sex doll without hesitation whenever this happens. She’s hot and has unlimited libido, her hips and thighs show the best part of this “thick” girl. Look at Mertie from the front and you’ll be instantly excited when you see her huge H-cup breasts! When you do doggy style with Mertie, you will feel the unparalleled visual impact.


Yukari – Flat Chest Cute Mini Sex Doll

When it comes to entry-level sex dolls, Yukari is without a doubt my go-to. The affordable price is only part of the reason why most customers fall in love with her. Yukari’s charm lies in her petite and realistic body, cute face, and smart eyes. In fact, her size isn’t for everyone, as she doesn’t have any huge curves or big boots. However, for some customers, this is more of an advantage. While you’re constantly bothering about picking up a life-size doll, you’ll know how wonderful it is to have a petite girl change clothes in bed!


Koh – Ultra Realistic Life Size Sex Doll With Silicone Head

Koh is the most popular Asian sex doll and has been on my buying radar for a long time. However, at present, I have not had the opportunity to be her master. In one of our previous sex doll competitions, she won the title of Best Asian Sex Doll. This recommendation comes mainly from my friends who are as passionate doll owners as I am. And, as it happens, I know not only one, but two people who bought Koh. Not only did Koh become their favorite sex doll as soon as she arrived, but one of them even sold all of his previous sex dolls on doll forums after she arrived. Selling sex dolls was a tough choice, but he did it without hesitation. He told me that Koh with the silicone head was more real and fun than the others and that he felt he couldn’t get more fun out of his previous dolls.


Afiya – Black Short Hair Sex Doll

Afiya is a dark-skinned sex doll with a beautiful body and a face that always seems to be begging for more. Like most BBW sex dolls, Afiya has a huge ass and a pair of huge breasts. As you can see from the photos, Afiya is definitely the best sex doll for women who like big curves and juicy asses. Customers who have purchased afiya are not only attracted to her beautiful face, but also love his character’s complexion and swaying ass. They said they had fallen in love with her soft body and her huge breasts, and it had excited them as if there was no tomorrow.


Auburn – Red Head Sex Doll

Auburn has all the parts of a real girl. She has flaming red hair and two beautiful brown eyes. Her nipples were hard, like a real girl, and she had a soft and alluring vagina between her legs. Of course, she also has a sexy ass, so you can play tricks with her. You can look at her lifelike face and guide her deep into your cock. In addition to squeezing her delicious and firm B-cup sized breasts, you can also suck and pinch perfectly shaped nipples. Dip into her beautiful round ass and tight pussy and feel the textured tunnel caressing your manly.


Susan – Life Size Realistic Sex Doll

Susan has an amazingly toned body, her breasts aren’t too big, and her ass is just the right size to look and feel real during sex. Really – I can’t stress enough how she really feels about sex dolls in her price range. There’s no better feeling in the world than doggy-style banging Susan in the back, and then spending the night in bed with her, looking at you with her beautiful face. Her mouth, vagina, and ass all feel great during sex. During sex, the opening creates a vacuum effect and it feels like you’re being pulled in by her. When you’re in bed with her, she’ll keep you warm and you’ll never want to let her go. As you go through your day, all you think about is Susan…waiting for you at home. Without a doubt, she is one of the best sex dolls in the same price range.


Shakira – Thick And Fat Butt BBW Sex Doll With Big Curves

Shakira is definitely a sex doll star, why do I call her a sex doll star? Well, because Shakira became famous all over the world when she appeared in Ryan Davis’ sketch comedy on YouTube. If you like her exotic looks and sexy curves, then Shakira is definitely a good choice.Although she featured in comedy, viewers who saw her quickly became intrigued by the idea of the doll, and it became a sensation. Viewers wanted to know how to get their own Shakira, and as a result, she quickly became the best-selling sex doll on VSDoll.

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  1. Yukari …. this very very very little tiny girl doll is a fucking DREAM ….. OMG sliding her Pants and underwear down then Suck this little girl’s greasy baby BUTT while she sleeps OMG

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